December 2017 - December 2019


PropTech, FinTech


Manchester, UK


Gray Stern, CEO & Founder of Dot


Quantitative / Qualitative Market Research
Product & Project Management
Competitor Analysis
UI/UX Design Consulting
Quality Assurance & Control
Software Engineering
Virtual Office Setup

Dot was founded in late 2017 by Gray Stern, the co-founder of Landbay, a marketplace for buy-to-let mortgage lenders.

Gray’s mission is to build a global housing brand focused on delivering beautifully designed homes that people love to live in.

Dot leverages design, construction, technology, finance and management to offer a high quality, streamlined living experience for residents; and we empower investors from around the world to invest ethically and professionally without any hassle.

This is behind the build with DOT Residential.

"Online platform connects the dots for aspiring landlords"
"Buy-to-let is back: why not join the party"
"Gulf investors offered chance to become UK home owners overnight"
"Dot lets you invest in property without the hassle of a traditional mortgage"
"This London online property agent is using group buying power to disrupt how flats are sold to overseas investors"
Project Brief

Prior to building the housing marketplace, Dot Residential leaned on us to create a loan application platform designed to bridge loan originators, investors, borrowers and brokers in a sleek and cohesive way.

Our Design Approach
"Avoid any association with risk - colors, fonts, and tight layouts. Instead, foster an environment that is safe."
- Ha Le, Visual Designer at OAK'S LAB.
The Marketing Website:

We prioritized organizing big data in a way that is easy to read for first-time investors, as well as experienced investors.

The combination of vibrant yellows placed around key decision points, negative spaces and line icons with a small touch of yellow proved to work best amongst our user testing group.

Imagine buying property as easy as ordering a pizza online.
Gray Stern
Gray Stern, CEO at Dot


return on equity



Our Tech Approach

We worked closely with Dot’s stakeholder team, both onsite and off, to streamline the capabilities to transact - almost instantly and generate immediate returns in the fast-growing prop-tech industry.

We combined the latest cutting-edge web technologies to support the robust end-to-end process.

"In line with Dot's business goals, our goal was to create a property purchasing experience that was as quick and seamless as possible, without sacrificing security."
- Andre Życzkowski, Full Stack Engineer at OAK'S LAB.

Marketing website - The marketing website had primary function to inform and advertise to potential customers about Dot Fund’s services as well as applying for loans, registering interest and accessing portals. We’ve designed a clear, simple and light website with a great focus on wording and strong images. Keeping the breathfullnes, white spaces and line icons with a small touch of yellow allowed us to create a high end looking web.

We selected the following tech stack to support the mission of Dot.

These technologies include: Node.js, NextJS, GraphQL and integrated micro services.


In 2019 we delivered a marketing website, borrower and broker portal, loan investor and originator portal, customer portal and later an admin portal.