2019 - Present


Enterprise SaaS, Human Recourses


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


T.J. Colaiezzi, CEO of LifeBrand


Quality Assurance & Control
Market Research
UI/UX Design
Software Engineering
Competitor Analysis
Product & Project Management

LifeBrand is a Philadelphia-based technology startup founded by T.J. Colaiezzi. We partnered with LifeBrand at idea-stage to conceptualize, design, engineer, and launch the LifeBrand product which provides enterprises with social media wellness check technology.


Social media posts live forever. Often forgotten or unnoticed posts on social media pages can come back to haunt people years down the road––potentially damaging careers, opportunities, and reputations. Furthermore, companies need to be sure that a potential employee’s social media will not reflect poorly on their business. Most companies conduct some type of social media vetting during the hiring process but many of these checks are not compliant with Fair Credit Reporting.

“Our goal is to make social media checks compliant and commonplace.”
- T.J. Colaiezzi, CEO LifeBrand

LifeBrand offers businesses a fully FCRA and EEOC compliant AI-based technology that performs social media background checks on potential new hires and current employees. The LifeBrand web application allows users to scan their social media accounts for inappropriate or controversial material and then offers them the ability to remove it. LifeBrand also provides users with analytics and data to help them understand their social impact. On the B2B platform, organizations can perform scans on potential new hires as well as current employees to ensure their personal social media accounts are a positive reflection both of themselves and of the company.

Our Design Approach

In the early stages of the project, our goal was to design and develop an MVP to validate the LifeBrand concept in the market. We hosted a kick-off bootcamp in which we ran discovery exercises to identify the key product requirements. We ran a workshop to identify the company’s goals and then combined this with in-depth competitor analysis to identify areas of maximum opportunity for LifeBrand.

From there, our Lead Designer created low-fidelity prototypes which we used to run usability testing sessions. This enabled us to validate our hypotheses and make changes based on user feedback. We then created high-fidelity prototypes which were used to inform engineering. Since releasing the MVP with a single platform, LifeBrand has now expanded to include four different B2B and B2C web applications which we have designed and developed. Our Lead Designer was also responsible for designing and coding the LifeBrand marketing website in Webflow.

As part of the collaboration, OAK’S LAB was also tasked with rebranding LifeBrand. We hosted internal branding sessions and workshops alongside using competitor and user analysis to formulate LifeBrand’s brand identity. Our Lead Designer created a moodboard and three potential visual directions, from which the founder chose his favored approach. We then created a brand styleguide including the new iconography, typography and color palette. The final output is a visual identity which symbolizes security, safety and warmth.

“Our goal was to provide B2B and B2C users with intuitive, user-centric design.”
- Veronica Madzinova, Lead UI/UX Designer at OAK'S LAB





Our Tech Approach

Developing and deploying large applications such as LifeBrand comes with technological challenges. Our three key priorities were speed, scalability, and stability. This is why we opted for battle-tested technologies like React, Next.js, Styled Components, GraphQL over Apollo, PostgreSQL and TensorFlow for toxicity detection. We run the product on Google's Cloud Platform App Engine which gives us plenty of room to scale as we release new applications and onboard more users.

Technologies we are using:
  • React
  • Next.js
  • GraphQL
  • Apollo
  • Prisma
  • Nexus
  • Stripe
  • TensorFlow
“We want to deliver a best-in-class solution and to maximize cost/performance ratio for LifeBrand.”
- David Reinberger, Lead Engineer at OAK’S LAB
Now, we have a compliant platform that lets you do this in a way that nobody goes offside on. Even a potential employee understands what this is.
“Mr Wonderful”
Kevin O’Leary
Shark Tank TV Star and Investor

In February 2020, we delivered the first version of the Lifebrand platform. It is capable of scanning a user's social media account and helping them to clean harmful posts. We subsequently released a white-label B2B solution in Q4 2020 and will continue to iteratively develop the product.

CEO T.J. Colaiezzi pitched the company in a StartEngine pitch competition in October 2020. LifeBrand won the competition and secured an investment from Kevin “Mr Wonderful” O’Leary. The company raised a $1 million seed round from VC firm Juno Search Partners in Q4 2020, allowing some ahead-of-schedule hiring to its quickly growing team. Alongside this, the company has signed former Philadelphia Eagles Mike Vick and Trent Cole as brand ambassadors.