April - June 2018




Prague, CZ


Richard Choleva, Founder of Limo Gang


UI/UX Design
Software Engineering
Quality Assurance & Control
Product & Project Management
Virtual Office Setup

Limo Gang distributes a wide variety of soda drinks, such as Club-Mate, Seicha or Wostok. However, there was no site where these drinks would be available all in one place.


This is where we were able to help and build an e-commerce platform with all our favourite brands available for purchase in one place. The site also has a section with more info about each brand and product details so the visitors know what they are buying.

Our Design Approach

We took the Limo Gang brand and based on its colours, we prepared the e-commerce platform design prototypes for desktop, tablet, and mobile. We were aiming to keep it minimal and as clean as possible.

Our Tech Approach

We always put the business first and choose the technology that fits the problem the best. Here we chose to build on top of the Shoptet e-commerce platform, which is the biggest e-commerce supplier in Central Europe. This allowed us to focus on the design and UX while delegating the necessary inventory and legal functionalities to a 3rd party.

"Limo Gang is a premium supplier with a distinct brand identity. To build their e-commerce website, we chose a platform that allowed us to showcase that identity without needing to reinvent the wheel."
- Andre Życzkowski, Full Stack Engineer at OAK'S LAB