November 2017 - now


FinTech, PropTech


London, UK


Devin Wade, Plotify CPO


Quality Assurance & Control
Software Engineering
UI/UX Design
Quantitative / Qualitative Market Research

Plotify was founded in November 2017 by Anish Malhotra, Devin Wade & Mike Self with the mission to transform the way the world invests in real estate.

Plotify makes property investing seamless by building a residential property, a mortgage, taxes and property management service all into one package. This package can be bought and sold in minutes, resulting in frictionless transactions.

OAK’S LAB provides tailored development and forefront solutions to produce high-quality output.
Gray Stern
Sam Pollard, Product Manager at Plotify
Partnership Kickoff

It’s vital to be in sync. Before kicking off Plotify, we hosted a project boot camp which includes setting up the virtual office (such as Google Drive, Slack) and process (such as daily standups, sprint planning). The whole Plotify team was in attendance. We left the meeting aligned on the mission, vision and plan of action for executing Plotify.

Business Deep Dive

Market research sets the groundwork for our product development; to build a great product you have to know your user. One of the objectives of our business deep dive phase was to create user personas of our target customers. This gave us an idea of what our users’ problems were, meaning we could design solutions for them. 


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Our Tech Approach
"The technology we used had to fulfil Plotify’s mission. To do this we utilized Google Cloud functions to ensure Plotify launched to our three target continents (North America, Europe and Asia)."
- Jakub Drabik, Full Stack Engineer at OAK'S LAB.

Marketing website - The marketing website had primary function to inform and advertise to potential customers about Dot Fund’s services as well as applying for loans, registering interest and accessing portals. We’ve designed a clear, simple and light website with a great focus on wording and strong images. Keeping the breathfullnes, white spaces and line icons with a small touch of yellow allowed us to create a high end looking web.

We selected the following tech stack to support Plotify’s mission. Node.js, GraphQL and Google Cloud Platform.

We identified the best tech stack and engineering approach for Plotify’s needs. We chose to write Plotify in fullstack Javascript as it makes coding and collaboration more efficient. Cooperation across product components is faster. For example, a frontend expert can make adjustments easily on the backend and speed up the development loop compared with two different languages across the team.


In 2019 we delivered a marketing website, administration portal and mobile application.