June 2019 - March 2020




Boise, Idaho


Allen Traylor, CEO


UI/UX Design
Product & Project Management
Software Engineering
Virtual Office Setup
Competitor Analysis

Sindro is built to be your new business partner. Originating from the issue in the wellness market where current business management tools are overengineered and leave daily tasks feeling like chores.

Sindro’s conception was necessary to improve the level for small boutique studios to control their operations by aiming to be more user-friendly and intuitive.

By focusing on users both inside and outside of these businesses, Sindro looks to offer a seamless service for boutique studios and fitness companies to:

  • Schedule appointments
  • Manage inventory
  • Organize retail
  • Act as a CRM system
  • Manage Staff
  • Marketing
  • Reports and Analysis
  • As well as other necessary business activities

All of which makes Sindro an integral piece of software to take the pressure off the business owner and allow them to focus on the more exciting aspects of running their company.

The mission was to create 4 components so that all users in the gym’s ecosystem can perform their tasks efficiently and with as little hassle as possible.

Member App - A gym goers market - View all gyms, classes, and packages within the Sindro community to book and enjoy.

Business App - Scheduling hub with appointments, workshops, classes, and staff shifts to manage every facet of their business.

Instructor App - Allows instructors to grow their brand, schedule their own classes with gyms, and communicate openly with their clients.

Admin Portal - Create new studio accounts, analyze, and maintain Sindro’s performance as a whole.

Overall, Sindro is here to give smaller gyms a fixed system that works for them.

Our Design Approach

From our Creative brief and brainstorming with Stakeholders our final branding is all based on community. Other ideas we explored were the Lotus Flower as Sindro derives from the Danish for “Peace of Mind”; However, the idea of bringing a group together and supporting our B2B target audience was powerful enough to be the key influence on us defining how Sindro presents itself to the world.

When designing our 4 different components we wanted to forget the industry norms and look directly at the end user. What are their key actions and how can we make these easier than the existing products on the market? The research resulted in an easy-to-use intuitive business app; a marketplace for gym courses, an admin portal for quick monitoring, and flexibility for instructors to serve their clients.

"Modern, easy to use and friendly. That was my goal when I was designing products for Sindro."
- Martin Gorol, Product Designer at OAK’S LAB.

Marketing website - The marketing website had primary function to inform and advertise to potential customers about Dot Fund’s services as well as applying for loans, registering interest and accessing portals. We’ve designed a clear, simple and light website with a great focus on wording and strong images. Keeping the breathfullnes, white spaces and line icons with a small touch of yellow allowed us to create a high end looking web.

Our Tech Approach

Regarding our tech choices, we selected technologies that would allow for efficient development, scalability and allow Sindro to grow an internal team to lift them to the next height.

The main goal of our technical choices was in supporting and delivering Sindro’s mission in a way that gives the highest probability of scaling. Another consideration when making these choices was the ease in which businesses currently on other platforms can quickly and easily transfer their data from their existing management platform across to Sindro’s ecosystems throwing up a few challenges but ones we have tackled to signify the ease of use for our businesses from the first interaction.

The overall stack includes: Node.js, GraphQL, and React Native for our member and instructor apps.

We wanted a good, friendly, and easy to use platform, both for the business owner, and the member
Gray Stern
Allen Traylor, CEO