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Caroline Marshall, Founder, Sophia


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Sophia was founded by Caroline Marshall in early 2019 to help people become healthier, happier and more productive.

By leveraging mood tracking as a self-awareness technique, Sophia ingrains self-reflection into daily routines and helps identify emotional patterns that influence the way we live, work, and interact with others.

"How are you today?" is a simple question, and through daily reflection it can become a valuable tool for self-awareness.


Understanding the impact of one's emotional state is a key leadership trait. Emotional intelligence influences stress, joy, despair, sleep, and decision making. As much as it is important, it's also extremely hard to achieve with our busy schedules and no consolidated source of truth.


Sophia is a mobile application with mood tracking at its core. Users are encouraged to register their moods on a daily basis to then analyze patterns and factors contributing to their emotions, such as sleep and physical activity.

Users are also offered a range of goals they can set to achieve in oder to tip the scales into the positive mood range - that's where we become the most efficient decision-makers.

Our Design Approach
"Friendly, supportive, balanced and intuitive. Sophia should be a pocket reflection of your inner self."
- Ha Le, Visual Designer at OAK'S LAB.
UX Challenge

We have so many applications in our phones that all want "just a few minutes" of our time. We set out to cut the main task of mood tracking down to just a few seconds. In three taps, you can create a mood entry that will have a huge weight on your path to self-discovery.

Colors as a Dominant Feature

Colors affect our perception, mood, and even behavior. The Sophia app was designed to mirror the user's feelings through the abstract form of a colorful animated bubble.

The color palette is a scale of ten colors covering a wide mood range - from the "excited" yellow to "depressed" dark blue.

All gradients were carefully chosen to represent existing moods without evoking strong feelings, especially in the negative mood range.

People fail to understand the impact that their mood and emotions have on their ability to lead and make the best decisions.
Gray Stern
Caroline Marshall, Founder, Sophia





Our Tech Approach

We worked closely with Caroline, the founder of Sophia, to implement findings and expand on the immense research conducted in the domain of emotional intelligence.

Our tech solution leverages Apple Health sleep and steps data to portray the connection between physical and emotional well-being.

"We love building things smart at OAK’S LAB. For Sophia we built offline support and health tracking features to provide the end user with the most accurate data, even when their phone is offline."
- Jamie Kraus, Lead Mobile Engineer at OAK'S LAB.

Marketing website - The marketing website had primary function to inform and advertise to potential customers about Dot Fund’s services as well as applying for loans, registering interest and accessing portals. We’ve designed a clear, simple and light website with a great focus on wording and strong images. Keeping the breathfullnes, white spaces and line icons with a small touch of yellow allowed us to create a high end looking web.

We selected the following tech stack to support the mission of Sophia.

These technologies include: React Native, Expo, SQLite, TypeScript.


In 2019 we launched a mobile application and a marketing website for Sophia. Since launch, it has been gaining traction on the Appstore organically (without any marketing efforts) and has served as a validation to the problems we as a society should learn to address.