January 2019 - May 2020




Los Angeles, USA


Lyn Johnson, Founder & CEO,
Andi Garavaglia, Founder & COO


Quantitative / Qualitative Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Product & Project Management
Software Engineering
Quality Assurance & Control
UI/UX Design

West Tenth launched its mobile application in 2019 with the mission of enabling women to channel their homegrown talents built during a "resume gap" into their own successful business.

West Tenth’s core product is a marketplace for crafted services; a digital main street allowing home-based business owners to set up their digital storefronts and transact with the clients in their local communities.

The West Tenth platform provides business owners with the ability to market their talents online and is the go-to place for people in need of crafted, consumer services.

West Tenth was founded as a way to unleash the talent of the women around us.
Gray Stern
Lyn Johnson, Founder & CEO at West Tenth

While women are starting businesses from their homes at an astonishing rate, it can be incredibly difficult for them to attract local clients & customers. Women often need the flexibility of working out their homes but they don’t have the benefit of a visible brick n mortar. We know that the home-based business owners around us have enormous talents - it’s time to make sure our communities know it too.  

West Tenth is a marketplace where you can discover and do business with the home-based business owners in your town.  West Tenth is providing them with a digital storefront - a place to hang their shingle - and in doing so, encouraging more women to turn their talents into small businesses. 


We implemented our proven product development process, “The OAK’S LAB Way”, breaking development into distinct phases to ensure we built the best possible solution for our users.

Before beginning software development, we conducted in-depth market research, scoped and prioritised key product features and set up the software architecture.

Together with the West Tenth team, we created an elite and aspirational aesthetic that conveys a tight-knit community feeling with the feel of a modern main street.

Our Design Approach

As we worked remotely on West Tenth, it was important to set up an effective cooperation framework with the product stakeholders. This includes creating a virtual office and an efficient call and meeting structure, all with the intention of emulating the feeling of an in-house team. The West Tenth team also visited Prague, enabling us to build the relationship further.

We aimed to make the user-facing app and the website modern, elegant and straightforward. The product was architected in a way to help users to complete their tasks easily and efficiently as well as offer them a seamless experience.

“It’s my goal to create usable, efficient, and desirable products for our users. This can be achieved only by understanding their needs and behaviors.”
- Jana Poprocka-Topouzi, Lead Designer at OAK'S LAB
Our Tech Approach

Our main tech requirement was a fast and scalable solution to launch the MVP fast and be ready for marketplace user volume.

“We went with the industry standard tech stack, mainly pursuing the goal of a reliable and scalable solution. We wanted to focus on building a marketplace, not maintaining an over-engineered stack.”
- Juraj Carnogursky, Full Stack Engineer at OAK'S LAB

We selected the following tech stack to support the mission of West Tenth:


In 2019 we delivered an iOS mobile application, management portal, and a marketing website.






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