September 2019 - April 2020




Boise, USA


Ricky Lyman, CTO


Virtual Office Setup
Product & Project Management
Software Engineering
Quality Assurance & Control
Project Brief

Our task was to take the designs that were created by FlipRide and build the customer apps and back-office admin portal. The customer-facing app has been built for both iOS and Android and its desktop version is optimized for all well-known browsers.

In the early stage of the project, we hosted a kick-off boot camp in our Prague office where we reviewed the main app flows as well as all integrations and built a base for future cooperation. This session was crucial for putting together the initial roadmap and setting project milestones. At the very beginning of the project, we set up the virtual office and regular call structure to create a seamless communication tunnel and work in-sync as efficiently as possible.


The current method of transacting a vehicle between two private parties outside dealerships is extremely burdensome. The buyer and seller need to coordinate a lot of information and visit some of the offices together in order to complete the title transfer and sign the required documents.

The buyer needs to have enough cash or do the legwork to get a loan which is a time consuming and unclear process.

The seller deals with little knowledge of the buyer’s financial situation and it can take a very long time to find the right one.


FlipRide makes the above-mentioned points available through its customer-facing mobile and web app. Each party can invite the person they pre-agreed the transaction with and start the flow.

Before making the decision, the buyer can see what type of loan they are able to get through the pre-approval form. When the transaction kicks off, the buyer manages the tasks such as loan application or identity verification all online.

Thanks to the pre-approval and identity verification, the seller can make sure that the buyer is credible. The time-consuming title transfer has changed to a simple form or a picture upload.

Marketing website - The marketing website had primary function to inform and advertise to potential customers about Dot Fund’s services as well as applying for loans, registering interest and accessing portals. We’ve designed a clear, simple and light website with a great focus on wording and strong images. Keeping the breathfullnes, white spaces and line icons with a small touch of yellow allowed us to create a high end looking web.

Our Tech Approach

On this project, we introduced development phases that were put together by our lead engineer and included in our product development process the OAK’S LAB Way. The following six phases made sure that our process was organized and we focused on the right things at the right time.

Project Setup phase - setting up initial infrastructure, architecture, and deployment pipelines

Early Prototype phase - focusing on essential parts of the service

Scaffolding phase - rough creation of all needed components

User Stories phase - finalization and implementation of all functionalities

Polishing phase - clean up, polishing and preparing for the launch

Versioning phase - incremental development with the aim of expanding service with minimal breaking changes

"Modern, easy to use and friendly. That was my goal when I was designing products for Sindro."
- Jan Urban, Engineer at OOO.





We selected the following tech stack to support the mission of FlipRide:


  • App Engine
  • GraphQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Prisma
  • Firebase


  • React
  • React Native

We had to identify technology that would be easy to transition after the product release and scaleable once the apps get more traffic. For this, full-stack JavaScript has proven as our go-to tech.