OAK'S LAB Culture Manifesto

In this document we describe our mission and vision that we set out to achieve, the principles that make us love being a part of OOO (OAK’S LAB), and the values we firmly live by.

We are a creative ecosystem specializing in building businesses, architecting software and educating the future leaders of tech. 

We take pride in our culture. It is intangible, unique and sets us apart from all the others. Since day one, we have done everything in our power to extend the impenetrable brotherly bond between our founders to every single person in OOO. We are more than a company. We are a family.

We are OAK’S LAB.

OOO Mission

We are committed to architect the best possible solutions to improve life and the world.

OOO Vision

OOO is the hub of all groundbreaking global innovation.

The OOO Ecosystem

Our ecosystem is built on a foundation of three business pillars. VENTURES, DIGITAL and ACADEMY.


Mission - Empower companies with the capital, technology, talent and framework to streamline their path from ideation to launch and growth.

Vision - To create a venture launchpad that consistently builds the world's most successful companies.


Mission - Architect the technology bringing outlandish ideas to life.

Vision - Dreamers are propelled by our team of experts to transform napkin sketches into socially impactful technology.


Mission - Educate the future leaders in the tech industry.

Vision - Young and driven talent have the opportunity to positively impact the future of the world through technology.

We follow a moral compass.

It is the duty of humanity to elevate life and the world, in order for everyone to live in harmony, happiness, and comfort. Today, more than ever, our planet and people are in need of protection. It is our obligation to lead from our position of influence. Thus, we are determined to:

  • Combat human contribution to climate change
  • Provide equal opportunity to all genders and races
  • Help all beings in need

We are a family.

Companies are incorporated to generate profits. We were incorporated to bring together a group of ambitious people, place them in a stimulating yet incubated environment, and allow them to achieve their wildest dreams. Our founders are brothers who are loyal, selfless and will do anything for each other and everyone in the OAK’S fam. This has created a legendary crew that love being around each other, working together, hanging out together, partying together and achieving greatness together. Family is engraved in our DNA:

  • We go out of our way to welcome and integrate our newest members
  • We are diverse, supportive and stick up for each other
  • We are all friends in and out of the office

We set egos aside, we disregard assholes, and we’re selective.

We are very careful of who we let in to the OAK’S fam. Our hiring process is diligent and intimate. Rotten apples rarely make it inside, and when they do, we band together to pick them out quickly. Our culture is a super chill atmosphere where everybody is friendly, up-beat and respects each other for who they are. Having no ego means:

  • We are positive, easy going and pleasant to be around
  • We are able to take constructive criticism
  • We have no problem admitting our mistakes

We love building things from scratch.

OAK’S LAB is self-funded and built from nothing but hard work, determination and drive to achieve greatness. We are all convinced that anything is possible. We are irrepressible when we see a seed in front of us and we can dream up a giant tree. Transforming raw ideas to tangible solutions is the OAK’S ethos and it is why we get up in the morning pumped up to take on the world. 

We all shape the direction OAK’S LAB is headed in.

Everyone in the fam plays an important role in fulfilling the OAK’S LAB mission and vision, taking us all one step closer to success. We incorporate the goals of our people in the goals of OAK’S. We try to stay as flat as possible and always care about the well-being of people along the way. We take the time to work with everyone individually to ensure they have a say in where we are going and stay motivated along the way.

Our core values

We come from different places and raised in distinct cultures. Diversity gives our crew edge, yet these core values unite us.


  • I am a visionary, that enjoys fantasizing about outlandish achievements.
  • I strive to be the best at everything I do.
  • I have the desire and drive to reach legendary heights.
  • I live in a mindset where nothing is impossible.


  • I hustle to the max, day and night, to reach my goals.
  • I double down in tough situations and work even harder to get back on track.
  • I work extremely hard to improve myself and the world around me every day.
  • I was born with an inner fire that nobody can put out. 


  • I have a critical eye and care about every tiny detail.
  • I produce clean and stainless output.
  • I am attracted to minimalism.
  • I do only one thing at a time and I do it damn well. 


  • I make decisions that are ethical and righteous, even though they might require sacrifice.
  • I am honest and will always speak the truth.
  • I care for the well-being of others.
  • I praise people in public, but criticize in private.


  • I am not afraid to rise up to challenges.
  • I always have a plan and pave the way for others to follow.
  • I discover new progressive solutions and share them with my peers.
  • I take initiative and ownership of my work and the work of my team.


  • I approach problems with optimism and an open mind.
  • I am friendly and fun to be around.
  • I aspire to always be happy and smile.
  • I support and cheer others up when they are feeling down.


  • I have a thirst for knowledge and continuously educate myself.
  • I am a cosmopolitan with an understanding for other cultures and beliefs.
  • I dress with style and feel confident about who I am.
  • I know I am great at what I do, but I never believe I am better than others.

We pay homage to THE OOO WAY.

We have conceptualized, tested and proven THE OOO WAY which is a system for technology startup builders to follow on their path from ideation to success. THE OOO WAY is the new Agile ... and more. It is our secret sauce. It is living documentation that we continuously evolve and optimize. Its all-encompassing framework is comprised of guidelines, checklists and templates for every process and every department. It is what our successful business relies on. 

We understand the importance of THE OOO WAY and diligently follow it. It adds structure to the unnecessary chaos present in most early stage startups. It keeps our teams focused, efficient and moving quickly while producing top quality results. This keeps our people united, achieving great things and having fun along the way.


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