OAK'S LAB is a place where talented individuals come together to achieve great outcomes.


Our purpose

We aim to shape the future in the age of entrepreneurship.

Our world is rapidly evolving. Never have we been more globally connected, technologically advanced, and abundant in opportunity. We have entered a new age of entrepreneurship, where a better future is being pioneered through innovation.

At OAK'S LAB, we see the world as a canvas to which everyone can contribute. We are here to empower innovators–the ones who come to us with inspiring visions–and transform their ideas into software products that drive progress.

Our approach

Make an impact in our small and autonomous teams.

How we work

We work in small and effective autonomous teams. Our team sizes generally range from five to ten people, each focusing exclusively on one product. In these small teams, every member is positioned to be highly impactful and to influence the success of the product they’re building. We usually work with each client for a length of one to two years. During your time at OAK’S LAB, you’ll get the opportunity to work on a variety of products across multiple industries.

Learn our methodology gained by building 40+ successful products.

Our know-how

Over the years, we’ve accumulated know-how gained through building 40+ successful products and have developed a proprietary product development methodology called the OAK’S LAB WAY. You’ll be leveraging this methodology in your day-to-day work, as well as contributing to its evolution with the learnings you and your team make.

Build products for early-stage startups, as well as established industry leaders.

Who we work with

Most of our clients come from the US and are shaping industries such as cybersecurity, finance, and food tech.

  • Nasdaq Private Markets (NPM)

    Nasdaq’s spinout company, Nasdaq Private Market hired us to design and develop a brand new web platform for their core product. The platform we’ve built is one of the only places where investors can buy shares of privately held unicorns such as Databricks, Discord, and Vercel.

  • PlexTrac

    PlexTrac approached us when they were just a team of five with a bootstrapped MVP and a grand vision. We led the buildout of a new scalable product that is now used by many Fortune 500 companies. PlexTrac has since raised over $80M and grown to a team of more than one hundred employees.

  • Crave

    Crave hired us with the challenge of building technology that would transform the ghost kitchen sector. We built out multiple greenfield products earning Crave $3M in annual revenue and ultimately leading to Crave’s acquisition by Virtual Dining Concepts.

Our environment

Become part of our ambitious environment.

Ambitious environment

Our environment is dynamic and filled with motivated people, all striving towards a common, ambitious goal. It fosters momentum that helps you grow and improve each day.

Accomplish the best work in your career.

Best work in your career

We want to see you reach new milestones in your career. You'll receive a personalized growth plan, access to learning resources, one-on-one sessions with our senior leaders, and challenging projects that give you the opportunity to make an impact.

Experience our annual offsites and many memorable events.

Memorable events

Every year we travel abroad to an annual offsite location where we spend time together working and hanging out. We’re also known for hosting iconic events, such as our annual Volts Party and our Strategy Day. We believe that strong bonds are the foundation for a healthy work environment and are the catalyst for producing exceptional results.

Get inspired by our values and unite with everyone in our company.

Join a multinational team of high achievers who are a pleasure to work with.

Multinational team

With close to twenty different nationalities in our company, we are a diverse, open-minded group of people with unique perspectives and abilities. Given our multinational background, we use English as our company’s main language.

What our people say

“OAK'S LAB facilitated business growth and effectively executed against tight deadlines. The team advanced the platform’s sophistication, which enabled an expansion of our customer base.”

Dan DeCloss

CEO, PlexTrac

We have a 4.9 out of 5 Glassdoor rating and a 100% CEO approval rating, check out our profile to learn more about us.

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