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01. Overview

Plotify is a regulated FinTech company that specializes in providing tenanted, fully-managed, and tax-optimized residential real estate in the USA and UK, with optional instant financing, to accredited investors around the world.

Services utilized

Product Management
Software Engineering
UI/UX Design
Quality Assurance
Market Research

Product components

Marketing Website
Investor Mobile App (iOS & Android)
Admin Portal


$12.8M raised

80 Plots worldwide

10 minute time to purchase


Capital Eleven
Ahimsa Capital
Venture Catalysts

02. Introduction


Since he started his career more than 25 years ago, Anish has been working in technology and financial markets, inspired by products that break down barriers, democratize access and promote broader participation. His track record of launching products and businesses, typically built from the ground up, have reached $1bn+ in revenue.

He has focused on real estate investments personally and professionally for over 20 years. Whilst real estate is an important asset class in wealth creation, the process to select properties, transact, finance, optimize and drive performance of the asset is layered with friction. Anish was frustrated that there was no product that could help him quickly and efficiently build, manage and optimize a diversified portfolio. He was specifically not focused on fractional ownership, though rather on whole ownership.

So Anish decided to build Plotify–a revolutionary, end-to-end solution for investors across the globe.

The concept was to enable individuals to build their own diversified portfolio with speed and precision, and institutional grade data and service. Plotify’s vision was to think of every single pain point that an individual investing in property would face, and build that in to the model. Starting with education tools to simplify the macro housing market, using data science to pick the optimal investment markets, a proprietary methodology for risk scoring properties, transacting seamlessly, instant optional financing, tax optimization, and managing and driving performance in all aspects of each property, and delivering tax files at the end of the year.

Plotify would deliver a single property in its own convenient legal structure (called a Plot) that allows for simple investing in real estate from wherever you are in the world...within minutes.

Anish approached OAK’S LAB to build their solution from scratch.

03. Challenge

To build a product that allows users from around the world to invest in real estate seamlessly within minutes and allows Plotify to manage Plots and the entire administration process.

In order to create a quick and seamless experience for the user, we needed to build state-of-the-art tech that took the hassle out of property investment. With such a complex flow, we needed to ensure that the end user didn’t have to deal with any overhead. We wanted to create an app that allowed users to create an account, invest in Plots, track their investments, and list their Plots for sale to other investors on the platform with ease.

In addition, the technology needed to go beyond allowing users to invest in property. There are over 150 process and decision points in a single investment property. We needed to build an admin portal that allowed Plotify to manage the entire process of assigning companies to own properties, managing the company ownership structure, and managing the process of allowing users to buy and sell their shares. This also came with the additional challenges of banking integrations and accreditation flows. And everything needed to be 100% aligned with financial regulations on a global scale and pass rigorous technical due diligence.

04. Solution

We built an MVP that acts as a novel, end-to-end solution with a simplified process for property investment so that anyone in the world can invest in global real estate. The solution not only meets all legal and technical FinTech standards but also allows Plotify to manage the entire administration process as the product prepares to scale.

Before the project kickoff, we needed to align on Anish’s vision, mission, and business goals and ensure our teams were completely in sync, so we hosted an in-person project boot camp with the Plotify team in Prague. During this boot camp, we set up our virtual office, outlined our processes (daily standups and sprint planning), and aligned everyone on the mission, vision, and plan for building the product.

Next, we did a business deep dive. We conducted market research to set the groundwork and see how other apps handle checkout flows and how exchange apps work in general. We particularly researched apps that had simple investing and account creation processes. Additionally, to build a great product, you also need to know your user, so we interviewed real estate investors and created user personas for our target customers to give us insights into what our users’ problems were in order for us to design solutions for them.

From here we formed a product strategy in order to achieve Anish’s business goals. This strategy, along with the project kickoff, included several activities that we use at OAK’S LAB as part of our product development methodology, the OAK’S LAB WAY. Activities we performed at this stage included scope discovery, the creation of epics and user stories, refinement of the scope, estimation, feature prioritization, and construction of a roadmap for the first beta MVP that we wanted to release in order to start receiving user feedback.

Once we understood the strategy and brand archetype, we created visual assets to reflect the direction of the product. We designed and engineered a logo (complete with the London skyline), color palette, typography, and style guide to reflect the visual direction that we created.

With our technical approach, we knew we had to form a tech stack that would allow us to achieve our product strategy as efficiently as possible. To do this, we built the backend of the platforms in Node.js with GraphQL and hosted everything on Google Cloud Platform. We utilized Google Cloud functions to ensure Plotify could service our three target continents (North America, Europe, and Asia). We chose to write the Plotify frontend in React.js for the web interface and React Native for the Android and iOS mobile applications. The Javascript tech stack gave our engineering team the flexibility to work on multiple parts of the product and focus on the highest-priority features.

All of this led us to create our own simplified process for the seamless experience of property purchasing and selling to allow users from anywhere in the world to invest in properties in the UK and the US. We partnered with a bank, integrating with their system so we could store all the funds and create accounts for our users. We created KYC and AML flows that would ensure legal compliance. And we designed and built Plotify’s first MVP, consisting of a marketing website, mobile application, and administration portal in 2019.

05. Outcome

Plotify makes it easy to invest in cash-generating properties from wherever you are in the world within minutes. While currently in private beta, the product already has a global presence with properties in 8 cities across the US and the UK and investors from the USA, UK, Sweden, UAE, India, Thailand, and Singapore. The average total transaction time per US property with Plotify is 10 minutes, compared to an average of 52 days if an investor goes the traditional market route.

While Anish raised funds, Plotify underwent technical due diligence on the product. It passed both legal and technical due diligence from investors with flying colors. To date, Plotify has raised $12.8M in funding. We look forward to seeing Plotify expand their presence across multiple locations and continue to provide an excellent service for their global clients, transforming the real estate investment industry for all future investors.

“Working with OAK’S LAB allowed me to prioritize being a founder and build my business. Having an extended team at hand, with a proven track record, allowed me to do just that. I was more confident about welcoming new ideas while being hands-off.”

Anish Malhotra

CEO, Plotify

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